Forex Managed Account

Managed Account Investment

Our Forex Managed Account solution enables private investors to participate in a completely managed Forex trading with our trading system FI-X. Thereby your account is managed by us and you don't have to spend any time on the trading software installation and administration.

Investment Transparency

Managed Accounts are one of the most secure ways of fund management as the client is the actual owner of the account and the full control over the funds remains in the hands of the investor, period. This highly secure investment structure revolves around the so called "Limited Power of Attorney" (LPOA) by which on the behalf of the client the operator is only allowed to trade on the investors account. Further our Managed Account offers complete transparency as you have full insight in the trading activity at all times. Via your personal MT4 platform the performance and transactions can be followed in real time.

Managed Account Benefits

Save time, effort and money you would otherwise spend on Expert Advisor, the installation of the software, reading manuals, checking the settings and so on. Your account is fully administered by us offering consistent and rational trading decisions. Our managed account investment offers completely emotion free trading with science-based and fully automated trading strategies.

There is no minimum term of investment plus a daily availability of capital invested. Moreover ForexInnovation only charges you a performance fee in case of actual gains according to the high water mark principle. In a nutshell the Managed Account investment with ForexInnovation releases you from many burdens associated with usual Forex investments and lets you profit from our professional expertise and experience with a minimum amount of effort.

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Product Information

Managed Account Overview


Trading System FI-X




Majors & Minors

minimum deposit

5.000 €



management fees


license fees


profit share

20% high watermark

rec. investment duration

min 1 year

capital availability 


Managed Account Trading Setup


Sensus Capital Markets




on ForexInnovation server


7 € per round lot

risk per trade

max 2,5%












With our Easy-3-Step Registration you can join our Managed Account in 3 short steps. Simply follow the subsequent instructions. All steps can easily be processed per e-mail. Existing Sensus Capital Markets clients only need to open a sub-account which is then attached to our Managed Account Structure.

ForexInnovation GmbH operates the facility and final placement as a tied agent according to §2, Para 10 Sentence 1 of the German Banking Act exclusively on behalf and under the liability of HPM - Hanseatisches Portfoliomanagement GmbH. The HPM has therefore accept you as a qualified investor before your account is connected to the Managed Account structure.

Managed Account Registration step1 Managed Account Registration step 2 Managed Account Registration step3

Use the following link to open an account with Sensus Capital Markets. You may choose EUR or USD as the base currency.

Send us your personal data which you can save as pdf during the account opening process via e-mail.

Download the Limited Power of Attorney, print and sign it and send us a scanned version by e-mail.

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